An impressive cat fight

Peter Johnstone was kind enough to personally come knocking on our door (hull) to invite us for the final race of the multihull class. Four Gunboats were in the fight and as it was my first time ever to sail on a catamaran, it made the whole experience more exciting. Alex and I were particularly surprised to see and feel how fast these Gunboats could accelerate, with just the slightest increasing in wind speed and the cat flied off, especially with the beautiful mermaid kite flying the hulls. Amazing experience, and obviously "our" boat Tribe won the final race. I said it before when also Sojana won the other day and I'll say it again: if you want your boat to win, make sure me and Alex are onboard! 

Winner for the total week in the multihull group was unfortunately not Tribe, but the Cuban/Puerto Rican Gunboat called CucuBelle, second was Lloyd Thornburg's beautiful 66ft orange monster cat Phaedo - the one which we beat with just a few seconds on the final race, see last photo.

Thanks a lot to Peter and his navigator Joe for this week, we're so glad to have had the chance to spend some time with your team and to take part of such a thrilling ending to the races. Unbeatable! /Taru