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Initially, this blog started with the intention to both inspire, but also to make money since we were to be gone a long time from work opportunities. We were lucky to be sponsored by and work with many large and small brands that partly helped pay our lifestyle, or enriched the journey in other ways, for a couple years.

They were brands such as Montpelier Plantation Nevis, Babajaan SwimwearPiet Boon BonaireWe Dream In Colour, Boat24, Chatham Marine, Sol de Janeiro, Tommy HilfigerBeach Jewel SwimwearMarina Real Juan Carlos Valencia, Orlebar Brown, Sugar Ridge hotel AntiguaLumoava. (Click on each link to see how these collaborations are normally portrayed in the blog.)

Later on though, after a few years at sea and much inner contemplation - I have scaled this blog down and realized that working with sponsors, means that you are not as free and unbound as was the whole purpose of the journey. All ads are therefore now removed from the blog and that feels great. The things one have to sail half around the world to realize! :)

The idea with this blog today is to write and share stories, photos and thoughts whenever time allows (sometimes daily, other periods only a few times monthly), and it happens, though seldom, that I write about companies - but only such that we feel has a real, meaningful, inspiring and/or eco-conscious purpose.

Read on here if you are interested in hearing what people and magazines from around the globe have had to say about our journey in the past.

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