In collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger

How we've been waiting to share these wonderful news with you all, and finally it's official! The all American brand, Tommy Hilfiger, has appointed Alex and me to be their global brand ambassadors, for Hilfiger's new fragrance that have just been launched worldwide. The fragrance is called Freedom, and while searching for someone who could embody the particular message and word, Freedom, they've chosen us. This is something that we are tremendously proud and thankful for and we still have a little hard to believe it's actually true!

Here's what it's saying in the press release that is sent out to the industry today:


The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. is proud to announce the launch of Freedom Tommy Hilfiger, a new fragrance for men. To promote the fragrance, Tommy Hilfiger has joined with Alex and Taru, experienced global sailors and couple, as they embark on “The Freedom Tour,” a six month ocean journey around the world. 

“I have always been inspired by the nautical life, and I have great admiration for those who embrace it. It’s rare to have the courage to, literally and figuratively, set sail and live your dream,” said Tommy Hilfiger. 

In tandem with the launch of the new Tommy Hilfiger men’s fragrance, “The Freedom Tour” will depart from Tommy Hilfiger’s favorite Caribbean island, Mustique. The couple will then sail to Colombia, the San Blas Islands, Panama and eventually through the South Pacific Ocean. They will chronicle their journey on the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook page, so fans can experience their adventures and travels. 

Alex and Taru met three years ago in Barcelona, Spain. After knowing each other for only a few weeks, they decided to take the ultimate adventure: they sold their personal belongings, emptied their savings accounts and set out to sail around the world. “We wanted to free ourselves from the stress and obligations of our day-to-day life,” says Alex. “We decided to sail the world at our own pace, traveling from one inspiring place to another.” 

In two years, the couple has travelled more than 12,000 nautical miles, visiting thirteen different countries on three continents.... Join Alex and Taru on their upcoming journey and follow the inspiring Tommy Hilfiger “Freedom Tour” on Facebook:

About Tommy Hilfiger Freedom fragrance for Men: Created for the man who lives life big, and dreams even bigger, Freedom Tommy Hilfiger epitomizes the charisma and captivating confidence of a man – managing business at the office or commandeering a boat on the open ocean. The man who wears Freedom Tommy Hilfiger is the consummate gentleman with a rebellious spirit. He doesn’t forecast the future, he creates it. He thrives on spontaneity and takes inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds him. 


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