Amazing past 24 hours

Hey there,

Not possible to upload pictures now for some reason. Anyways, yesterday was amazing. First we met up with the Sojana crew, great people all of them and what a boat! The largest sailboat I ever stepped on and once we got out on the sea with 25 knots of wind and quite some seas under our keel, it felt like we literally were on top of the world. What a fantastic feeling to stand there on that beast and look down on all the tiny (normal) boats that we passed by. Sojana won both races, obviously, with a max speed of 22,5 knots and it was overall a perfect sailday. We shared a bottle of wine with the boat owner and Vice Chairman of the Chelsea Football Club, Peter Harrison after the races and he showed us around on Sojana and told us some sailing stories and other tales and we couldn't have felt more welcome. Thanks Peter, Nik, Marc, Brian and the rest of you for an unforgettable day on Sojana!! 

After that we passed by one of the Gunboats docked on the same pontoon here in Falmouth Harbor where a party was ongoing and had another drink with Alan Block from Sailing Anarchy and some other guys who are here to race the Gunboat catamarans. Gunboats founder Peter Johnstone was there too and we spoke about what will happen today, the catamaran race in which we will participate in, on Peter's boat Tribe. Looking seriously much forward to that one too. So that's all for now, I will get back to you with photos from Sojana and Tribe races later this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. Wish us luck now on our first Gunboat race ever. /T