Fish of the day

Since there are a lot of fish contaminated by ciguatoxin in these waters, I feel relieved when it is a tuna Alex picks up from the sea and not a meter long Barracuda. Tunas are not suspected to carry the toxin which originally comes from smaller reef fish who eats from certain corals, algae and seaweed who in turn are eaten by larger fish and the larger a predator, the greater are the chance for humans to encounter the deadly illness, ciguatera. We got one large Barracuda the other day and that one had to go straight back into the ocean, while this little black-fin tuna was perfect for one sushi dinner and grilled on the next day. I had almost forgot how good it tastes with fresh home made sushi - haven't had it since we left the waters of Morocco.

P.S: Thank you all for your emails and comments regarding my last post. What would I do without you guys?? /T