To know and love it all is what I live for

Having visitors is such a glorious treasure on so many levels. Especially since we've been confined in the dark, cold woods of the North for such a long time where hard work was top priority. But being alone again on the boat, in this climate, laying here in this couch with all hatches open, listening to the birds doing their thing on the spreaders. And the waves lapping the hull while I slowly get to read and work on my precious projects in my own good tempo yet again - that is a real treat. As well! Acknowledging well the beauty in each situation.

Being surrounded by people and having plans and missions for each day is tickling, fulfilling and so much fun. But being alone and left in quietness puts the mind back to work again. It slowly untangles from social commitments and a lazy, leisure boozy cloud to an ever more focused, motivated and inspired vision. Yearning to create. I love that feeling! It is through change and variety that new ideas are born. Such a great place: this couch, on this boat, in this climate: to be creating. It's funny and BEAUTIFUL how life turns out, don't you think!