Thank you Miami for making us feel so much at home

After sixteen months in the cold Massachusetts, a proper vacation was in order. The past six weeks has therefore been pretty much solely dedicated to enjoying the richness and warmth of this our new home city. Four months in and I still love Miami more for each day. We live around the North Miami Beach area which has the most beautiful and serene beaches, and a lovely village like ambiance, in contrast to its loud touristy counterpart slightly to the South. The mixture of people, religion, culture and colour is refreshing and every day I am grateful for the sunshine we get to wake up to. Quality of life has risen significantly since our move down South. In fact life here reminds us a tad about life in Barcelona and thus we haven't missed the Mediterranean much at all since we got here. Old readers know how much that means to us.

The last of our visitors have now gone home and we're back to the slightly more serious sides of life again. Although living in this climate surrounded by this very special energy I'm pretty sure we'll be able to maintain a good balance between work and pleasure. 

Hope your spring has started off smoothly!