Boat romance

I have lately realized how much I love photographing yachts. I mean is there anything more beautiful than sailboats graciously flying on a flat turquoise sea with dramatic hills and mountains making for an almost surreal backdrop, the sails are powerfully tensed with tons of pressure and the strength of the wind forces the boats to heel almost down to the surface of the water, nearly touching with the sails while they disappear in the horizon with a powerful speed, dangerously close to one another. You know how powerful and strong the boats are while at the very same time so delicately precise and vulnerable to even the lightest of wind. It is so beautiful they almost make me cry. There is something extremely romantic and powerful and sexy with sailing and these big boats I've encountered on the sea in the past few days have made my heart beat in a new way. 

I'm positive that it is yacht and sailing photography that I should dedicate more of my freelance time on. But as it is quite a new area to me, I'm not sure where to start to get the photos published. Anyone know to what publications I should try to sell my pics to - where could they be in need of my photos? Please email me if you got some ideas. Any tips are welcome. Many thanks in advance. /Taru