Before the squalls

Video in slow-motion in the beginning, actual speed after a while. Fair sea, good breeze and in this particular moment we sailed at 7,5-9 knots in winds of around 18-22 knots. This boat is a great pleasure to sail as she, like I earlier said, reacts and accelerates on slightest change of wind and she points incredibly well. Also I love the fact that she pushes the water away from her while moving along in a very powerful way, cutting the surface with grace. There are still some other aspects I still haven't got used to though, like the motion of the boat which doesn't feel quite as comfortable and smooth as the one of our HR352, Caos. Will hopefully get used to it with time..

P.S: Don't forget to remind all you know that our beautiful Hallberg Rassy 352 still is for sale. We need to have her sold asap as we can't be stuck with two boats here in the Caribbean for much longer. All reasonable offers will be considered.

Here you can find the video and our movie channel on Youtube.