Boat(s) of the day - Hallberg Rassy 352

It is quite common to see other models of the Hallberg Rassy's sailing all over the world and sometimes we even have a chance to meet the same model we have, the HR 352. But it is certainly not too common to meet two of the same sisters on the very same day. First we passed by the Swedish boat arriving to Le Marin for a week ago, on the same night in Sainte Anne we ran across this German flagged HR 352. Always interesting to compare looks and features and also it is quite nice to see how good they look from a distance, just like our baby, Caos. The HR352 is, like the reputation says, a very comfortable, safe and strong boat for crossing oceans and many have chosen it for their own circumnavigation. Maybe that's what these people have committed to do, too?  /T