WKND Romance

Most people would probably say that sailing around the world with the person you love the most is the most romantic thing to do in life, and I guess it is in a way. I mean let's face it, we have much more time to really enjoy the beautiful things in life, the company of each other and all the amazing moments we're sharing. We have the peace, time and space for taking things in in a way one can never obtain when surrounded by normal-life stress and obligations, so yes, the life we lead is naturally made for romance and fulfillment. But this sailing around the world thing has also became our life, our day to day occupation, nonetheless it is amazing and also very romantic at many occasions, but still it is our everyday world. What is something outside of the ordinary for us though, is to every once in a while treat ourselves with a getaway like the one we did the other weekend at Cocos Hotel. Luxury for you guys on land might be spending a week on a sailing-boat in the Caribbean, exploring new deserted beaches, eating freshly caught food from the ocean, while luxury for us could be to get away from the cramped living for a while, spread ourselves out on a huge bed covered with soft white sheets, waking up to a breakfast which was not made by any of ourselves and indulge in excellently prepared food, just a two minute walk from that bed. A get away from one paradise to another.

The weather was unfortunately not perfect that weekend and I'm sad for all those photos I couldn't take because of the rain and grey skies but still we had an amazing time. Instead of swimming and chilling by the private beach which we anyway do quite a lot in our everyday life, we enjoyed many hours in a wonderfully large bed (I guess it was normal size, it's just that it felt overwhelmingly large compared to the one in our boat). We also spent many hours on the terrace observing our everyday playground from above, we ate tons of amazing food and drank sweet tropical drinks while the rain poured down outside. 

I guess we're not the regular all-inclusive type of clients, this being the first time in our lives we try out this type of service where everything is included in the price, but for this weekend it was just perfect. No thinking needed. Dinner, breakfast and lunch was served right in the moment we wanted it to be and drinks were available to refresh ourselves at any second of the day. This specific all-inclusive resort was also just perfectly intimate and private with its 26 beautiful cottages, and the ambiance was just as wonderful, colorful and peaceful as you dream of a seaside West Indian establishment to be. Amazing times were had. We would recommend this place to anyone, any day of the week, and the great service we received made it even one step more delightful.  /T