On the other side of the island

We packed the bags with lunch picnic, fishing rod and camera equipment and went for a hike to one of the beaches on the other side of the island. This is the harbour of Gustavia seen from the hill close to Hotel Carl Gustaf. Yea, you might remember that St Barts was Swedish back in the days, thereof the Swedish names on everything from streets to hotels and even the architechture and the way the roads are built are reminiscent of typical Swedish style. Our boat is at the far top right in this photo btw, anchorage called Corrosol. 
Almost up at the top of this mountainous island. View is breathtaking. St Maarten in the background, our Duende is the one in the middle of the three sailboats.
If we look at the other direction, we can see Baie de St Jean with its beautiful beach and reef.
And the legendary and exquisite Eden Rock Hotel to the far left.
Finally up at the top and soon down on the other side.. 
Marvelous vistas.. 
Gouverneur Beach was our final destination of the day. 
Kids on the island have created these smart ashtrays made of soda cans which people can borrow during their time on the beach, so not to litter the area with their cigarette butts.
Alex fishing.
Most beaches are very quiet right now during low season, great if privacy is what you're looking for.

What we love about St Barts/St Barth is that everything is so clean, fresh, civilized and well organized. It might take you two three hours to hike to the other side of the island if you don't have a car (we hitchhiked back btw), but the beauty and serenity of the island makes it well worth it. Mostly inhabited by French (as it nowadays is an overseas collectivity of France), it oozes of the typical culture and flair that is found in Southern France. St Barts is also one of the safest islands in the world and if you are accustomed to European manners and traditions, you will feel very much at home right here. Will show you more photos from the village a bit later.