A well deserved pause

Oh sweet jesus, isn't this a sight for sore eyes then I don't know what is. All Alex's cans and chemicals are finally, after two months scattered about in our direct living space, been transferred back to where they belong. Neatly packed and stowed away under the seats of the sofas. It is a relief greater than what you can imagine. Life goes back to normal again now that he's done with the renovation indoors. Of course, all is never really done knowing that we live on a floating renovation object and there are so many smaller details to consider. But we can finally bid adieu to the tough part for this time around, and we'll welcome a moment of peacefulness before we move onto the yard and continue with the maststep. 

Cockpit sole is now remade, compression tubes are in place, the area around the sinks are repaired, sealed and re-varnished, the bulkheads are installed, the leak in the water tank is fixed, fittings and new scuppers on deck are installed and maybe I forgot something now. Will show images of these jobs shortly. Only being anchored rather than tied to the dock, gives us a brand new sensation. It's a thrill walking around on deck, inside and in the cockpit and sense how much more united the boat is now compared to only eight weeks ago. Those tubes and the bulkheads really made a big difference. We're still a bit nervous about how these new additions will adapt and feel when we're actually sailing, but we won't know before new mast step is in place as we don't want to tension the rig before that has been done. We (especially Alex) need some time of peace and tranquility before that new project starts though. Three years of almost non stop boat work and rushing through islands, he's starting to feel it. Complaining he feels old and tired, and having always been extremely active, he's now begging for a long quiet vacation. It's really a pity there are no clean and nice beaches around this city.