We went out to the beautiful Bowstring to get some more photos for the ones that have showed interest in her after our advertisement. Just like with old houses and any other classic wooden boat with a long trodden history and soul, this old little boat has such a special energy. Alex is in love with her of course and said, "if only Duende was done we could buy her too". You have probably guessed it already, but this is what I'm dealing with here. Won't be easy to ever get my partner to settle down with what there is, he'll always need to be hands full with tiring building/renovation projects. 3,5 years together and I have slowly but surely realized that it is the sort of ongoing challenge he needs to feel fulfilled. If it actually is fulfillment or madness that is the drive, I have yet to figure out. At least I've made him agree that the next project whatever and wherever that will be, we won't be living on it during the hardest part of the refit. Or if it is a house, then perhaps..

This boat certainly needs a proper cleanup and a lot of tlc but if you look beyond the obvious, she has such great potential to become a lovely live aboard vessel for one or a couple, or a weekend cruiser in some beautiful waters. The character of such a classic yacht with these elegant lines is so much more worth than any plastic production boat, in my humble opinion. It is almost like a living being which tells a story from the past.

Here are a few more pics if you'd like to see more details.