Greetings from San Blas

We are officially in the most beautiful island chain we have ever encountered since crossing the Atlantic two years ago. This is what a paradise looks like, what we had hoped for the Caribbean to be but what we've never found before now. There are almost 400 islands in the San Blas archipelago and only one of them has Internet so forgive me for not being in touch. It is also the first time in several years that I haven't been aware of anything else than what is showed before my eyes. No skype, phone nor internet connection for what now, nine days? It's not an extremely long time but still pretty new to me after seven-eight years of working online. 

Having so much time on my hands, our small library onboard feels like a candy store. Where should I start? Devouring cooking books and having time to begin reading those classics that I've left for a more peaceful day. Obtaining the time and peace to write down (on paper!) all those thoughts and words that has been boiling in my mind, waiting for a noiseless clutter free day to get typed. Do I miss being connected? No. And it almost frightens me how wonderful it is to feel like the only few humans in the world and not having any longing, need or lust for coming back to being in touch. No stress, no worries, no obligations: this is what this journey was all about, but we've been amazingly effective in attracting dutiful projects and heavy challenges on the way. It sure does feel good to at least being able to pretend no obligations and worries exists in the world. One seem to forget about the other existence when surrounded by natural beauty like this.

Feeling inspired by the life of the Kuna Indians who live here in peace and quietness on islands consisting of only a load of golden sand and forty-five palm trees. Each morning they're paddling their canoes to mainland picking up fresh water and fruits from the mountains and with the help of the land breeze, sailing back in the afternoon. Then lazying around in the hammock with the sound of birds singing in the trees and the gentle ocean breeze lapping against the reef. It sounds so simple, but to simplify life is the only good way to collect ones thoughts and the fragmented pieces and multiple layers of impressions that's floating within us all. We'll definitely be staying here collecting energy for a while longer.