Luggage lost

Our Michael has arrived! We're very happy to finally have him here after two months of delay, but on a more depressing note, his bag filled with all of our ordered stuff is gone! My Forever 21 order, some bilge and toilet pumps for the boat, tons of books and sponsored gifts, a vintage world map etc etc. All gone, and apparently this bag did never even leave Boston for some reason. AA is probably not the most reliable airline in the world but we're still optimistic it will get here on the next flight tonight. At least he managed to save some of my ordered books in his hand luggage. Since the bag story might take a while, we have decided to stay in Panama City for a night or two more instead of driving back the two hours to the marina straight away. Looking forward to show the best from this city to Michael. I have btw thousands of images from our weekend at Las Clementinas and Panama City to show you, will get back on that as soon as I can.