Seven days and counting

I've been without meat and most dairy products for a little more than a week now which has been quite an interesting time. I wish I could say "I feel great", because that's what you are supposed to say but I think I need more time to see what effect it really has on my body, health and mind. Momentarily I get a flashback from that divine Argentinian steak that I so much adore, the ever so wonderful confit de canard or a simple cheeseburger - and I think to myself "what have I gotten into, will I really be strong enough to resist some of the most wonderful meals on the planet?". Still feeling convinced my choice is the right one though and I love the fact that I am in charge of my mind and my choices, it gives me strength, but it is also a challenge no doubt. Old routines and lifestyle patterns always takes time to adjust and clean up, but it is all for the better in the end.

Thankful that it is easier than ever to be a vegetarian or a vegan and many restaurants encourage you to stay focused with the help of their well varied menus. Like the restaurant, cafe and bar in the very hotel we stay in this weekend. More than half of the dishes on the menu are suitable for a vegetarian like myself who complement meals with fish and seafood, but tries to limit the dairy intake. Yesterday's lunch consisted of a delicious lima bean soup for starters followed by a merete al panko (fried local fish) with yucca plant in garlic and herbs. Going to try out some of the other vegetarian dishes on the menu for tonights dinner. Finding it exciting discovering and experimenting with the new selection of food that has appeared before my consciousness. It isn't as hard to find good substitutes as some might wish you to believe, though certain countries and areas of the world haven't adopted the philosophy quite as much as others. I believe South East Asia and Asia will have a lot of wonderful choices whenever we get that far.