A brand new day

Slowly starting to get back on track being a functioning human being again. Kickstarting this day with a good dose of vitamins as in: Mango, guava, banana, kiwi, pitaya, passionfruit, and a heartful of chia seeds for that extra crunch and added nutrition. 

Hair is better now, thanks so much for all tips you've shared. I have said it before and I have reason to repeat: you are the best blog readers I could ever wish for. Beside many other good, warm thoughts I had on the sea the other day when storm subsided, I did miss you and the blog, like I always do when away from it/you for too long. This blog has given me so much that I have hard to put into words. Many friendships have developed because of it and only to be able to share and connect with so many likeminded people from all over the world, is such a beautiful beautiful thing that I am so very thankful for. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and for having patience with me and the fact that I don't always have the possibility to respond every email and comment that goes through. You should know that I read every single one of them and I always value the time you've taken to share a piece of yourselves with me/us. Even if I would want to be more in touch, connectivity is not the same when living and traveling on a boat, and wifi is more of a luxury than something we can take for granted unfortunately. 

We're going to explore this island by scooter today, it has some lovely beaches on the other side of the hill apparently. One of the main reasons to why we are so extraordinarily happy for us going towards the US, is that the decision literally came up from nowhere and it reminded us about how energizing and beautiful it is with spontaneity. Our life might seem extremely wonderful as it is, to most of you, but having lived three years on a boat, made sailing, traveling and exploring new places to your every-day reality, plus having had the same kind of mindset since the very beginning - which is to sail out into the Pacific and continue around the equator back home to the Med - it does become a bit the same old, same old, in between all the good, how terrible now that might seem. Such are we human beings, we need diversity. So when all of a sudden we came up with this brilliant idea of making a break on the planned route and actually gain something even greater in a way, an added bonus so to say, it gave us an aha experience and boost of energy that we haven't felt in a long time. 

That we have had to stop here in San Andrés for example, an island we never thought of actually seeing, is one such spontaneous event that we are going to embrace best we can the few days we are "forced" to be here and await better winds. They say they make a mean crab and coconut meal here that we are going to try, and this beach looks very tempting for a tired ol' traveler to get some rest on, wouldn't you say...
image from here.