Up North we go

Here it is, our upcoming sailing trip - part one. So we are probably making the slowest circumnavigation in history but since there's nothing holding us back, no deadlines chasing us, who cares really. There's so much more to see on this side of the world and it's not everyday we have the chance to sail the waters of where our beautiful boat is from. Somehow it felt like it's a now or never situation. Plus, we still haven't had the chance to explore Cuba and we can't and won't leave these neighborhoods before that is done. December, January seems good Cuba months.

We are a little late for this decision to sail up North through the Caribbean sea, considering that the hurricane season has just begun, but we're hoping it will be calm at least for the 7-8 days it will (hopefully) take us to get to Miami. Miami and Florida is just a first stop, we'll then be cruising off the East coast of the US, making stops where is suitable. Hudson river of NYC is a must obviously, and then arriving to New England where our friend lives who have so kindly invited us over. 

Summer plans consist mainly of getting the boat ready in every aspect so most days will be spent working I assume. And what other place is better for that than up there, it's where the boat is made and there are plenty of resources that can't be found elsewhere. 

In between boat work, we'll definitely try to squeeze in a road trip across the US, that'll be another dream come true. Can't hide it even if we'd try, we are extremely super excited for this drastic turn in our journey. I hope you'll enjoy tagging along as well!