Let's go to(wards) Florida....

Time to go! There are actually various things that could go wrong on this trip... It is a pretty long journey, 1300 miles to go, a distance equal to half of the Atlantic ocean more or less. It is also hurricane season and even though weather looks good for the next seven days, you never know with the fast developing hurricanes that sometimes comes out of Gulf of Mexico. Our mainsail is old and could rip apart again any time, we've stitched it several times but it's definitely on the last whistle. The new mainsail is ordered but doesn't arrive before we reach the US. Our satellite Internet connection doesn't seem to work at all so we won't be able to get any weather reports as we go. And there are a lot of thunder and lightning going on in the Southern Caribbean sea at this time of the year.... Despite all this, we are in good moods and can't wait to get this trip started. We are hoping to sail in between Cuba and Haiti, but if the weather wants differently, we might end up taking the Western route in between Cancun and Cuba. We'll see. Maybe we end up in Jamaica, who knows. 

See you when we see you!

Our lovely products from Sol de Janeiro has finally arrived! Good protection for this long sunny trip.