San Andrés

Not too bad of a place where we are forced to stay. For an additional time to that, as the wind is increasing and it seems it might continue to do so for seven more days, currently having 30 knots here in the marina.

The Colombian archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, identified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, is located 480 miles (720 km) northwest from the Colombian Caribbean Coast, right beside the coast of Nicaragua. This duty free vacation island of San Andrés is mainly visited by mainland Colombianos (you can get a one way ticket from Cartagena for $25 USD) and a few Europeans and Americans. 

San Andrés has an interesting blend of Caribbean and Latin worlds. Spanish, English and Creole is spoken and while the native islanders are Raizals, the descendants of mainly Jamaican slaves, there is a continuous growth and influx of people from the mainland of Colombia who now form about two thirds of the island's population.

What's good is that these islands are located right below the hurricane belt, and makes them a somewhat safe haven for sailors who are slowly making their way up North now in hurricane season. I say somewhat as while the only marina here in the archipelago is protected from swell by the extensive coral reef outside, the wind is still blowing right at you when anchored by or docked in the marina, which is facing full East. Great little marina by the way, $30 USD a night for our boat, electricity included. Will show some pics from it a bit later.