Warming soul food

Probably the best tasting vegan dish made on this boat so far. I'm still a rookie but it just keeps getting better! This dish was also very much approved by my hardest critic, who declared he'll never need to go back eating meat again if my vegan cookings continue this way. Oh the triumph!

If you want to do it yourself, this is what I used:

2-3 finely cut garlic cloves
1 yellow onion
1 handful of freshly chopped parsley, basil and coriander
a bit of fresh or dry chili
some freshly grated ginger
salt, pepper, ground cumin and turmeric to taste. You could use ground curry seasoning if you'd like instead.
olive oil

Pan fry all above in the oil, first the onions. Add salt, pepper, herbs and other spices. 

1 good sized tomato, finely cut
1 sweet green pepper/paprika

Toss this in when onion and herb mix seems soft and golden

1 cup (2 dl) freshly prepared chickpeas

Throw these into the mix when veggies are softish and mash the chickpeas up roughly with a fork, let them blend in well within the mixture. Add some more turmeric perhaps? Should have a nice yellow tone by now.

1 cup (2 dl) coconut milk (organic if you have the luxury to find it)

This should be poured in when your chickpea/herb/veggie stew has blended well and you've tasted it off. You'll probably need to add some more spices and turmeric once the milk is in. This meal should be very flavorful so don't hold back on them spices!

Serve with a Non GMO organic basmati rice, I used this one.