America is an interesting country in many aspects, one of the best parts with it being that everything is available at any time. Not exactly what we're used to at the moment, having spent two years on small Caribbean islands and three years on a boat in total in different off the grid locations. 

So I've finally got my hemp "milk" today that I was recommended and I like it very much. Whole Foods is such a dangerous store btw with the amazing selection of fresh produce and organic food products that they offer. In one way I'm glad to have so many new things to choose from all of a sudden, but at the same time it drives me nuts having so many different wonderful things to sample, and I also get reminded of how expensive it can be to live a life where all our needs and wishes are met. We have after all learnt to live pretty frugally in these past years on the boat. Life is definitely simpler and less stressful when not confronted with all these choices that normally surrounds us in a larger civilization like this. But at the same time it is more convenient as like I said, everything you ever need is available at any given time, something you can miss massively when living on a boat far from commercialism of a big city. The great dilemmas of life. For sure there are advantages and disadvantages with every lifestyle choice.