South Beach to Palm Beach and back again

A question we recently got from a blog reader:

Have either of you been to the US before? Miami, NY, other etc.? You seem surprisingly quiet upon arrival, usually detailing entry into each country, first impressions, observations of the places and people. Nothing about arrival in the US, experience as sailors in doing so, first impressions of the US or Miami or South Beach and its vibe. Very very quiet, can one assumed you got hassled coming in? Give us your thoughts on all of this please, more interesting to the readers than hemp milk for sure.

Yes, but I have only been to New York City before, probably eight-ten times in total. Alex has been a little bit everywhere. He stayed one month in Houston, Cypress creek, in the early nineties, and six months in Irvine, California. He's also traveled to Miami, New York and other parts of California and Texas. We were very tired when we arrived in the States last week and after immigration and customs were dealt with (super easy process btw, very surprised), we moved pretty quickly to our friends mothers lovely house in West Palm Beach where we have had the great pleasure to stay during our time here in Florida. Sometimes sailing can be so intense that you almost want to leave the boat behind and forget about it all for a few days and that's about what we have done here. Instead of staying on the boat as the nomadic sailors we are, we've pretended being landlubbers in these fancy surroundings for a while. But as days go by we're slowly feeling it's time to get back on the sea again and start making way up North. New England is what our home will be for the following few months so we wanna get moving homewards asap. Tropical storm Chantal seems to have dissipated so besides very little wind, the weather doesn't seem to pose a danger for us right now. Let's see how far we'll get this time and what stops will be made on the way. We still have 1300 miles to go before Duende refit part III will begin. More USA reports will come up soon, no worries! We are very happy to be here.