Snapshots from Sweden

While Alex spends some quality time with his French family in the US (I think they will even continue sailing the boat up from Charleston and I'll meet them somewhere half way next week) - I have flied over to Sweden and Gothenburg to be more precise. You might know that I was born in Finland by Finnish parents, but I grew up here on the West coast of Sweden. Because of our sailing adventures, I haven't been home now for like three and a half years so it's absolutely amazing to be back visiting all my beloved and very much missed best friends, and also a couple of my Swedish/Finnish stepsisters/biological cousins next week. Lots of confusing family info right there for y'all.... anyways... so I have got an iPhone and also installed instagram so if you wanna see what I'm up to in life, you should follow me there @ttxxxxtt as that's where I'm posting snapshots from my time over here and more. Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will have a magical one!