Another sort of freedom

I don't know if you can understand how much this simple thing of having a good sized kitchen to mess around in again, means to me. It is a liberty being able to move around this freely, having plenty of place for storage and a rightly tempered fridge into which you don't have to climb down to reach for what's left at the bottom. Living on a boat has its pros most definitely but all the things we've missed with land living, has finally resurfaced in this new existence and I devour them like it was the first time I ever cooked or spent time in a kitchen. This house in which we'll be staying for some time now hasn't been in real use for a few years so it's taken some time to dust off shelves and pans, organize the space, and we've also slowly begun pimping this kitchen up with some new tools, porcelain and equipment. Look at that stunning green vintage blender for example. Made some forty years ago but works flawlessly and was only $3.99 USD at the local thrift store. Amazing what you can find around here for almost nothing, in the country of commerce.

It is also amazing the variation and offerings in food markets. I compare of course with how our life on the boat on islands and third world countries has been in the previous three years, where you could def get a hold on fresh local fruit and veggies that tasted absolutely delicious. But most other things were often hard to locate, stores were hard to get to, and high taxes made imported products often much more expensive that what they should've been. Here in the US on the other hand, I still haven't really got used to the fact that everything and anything is available at all times, and I'm like a child in a candy store every time that I get to visit a properly stocked food market, especially the ones that have built their assortment around organic food and produce. 

Since we won't be traveling too far or much in the nearest future as we'll mainly be focusing on work*, projects, organizing ourselves, writing, reading, training and eating well until we're ready for the next move - I will probably be sharing much food based posts here on the blog instead for some time. 

That morning smoothie was a good way to kickstart the day - Organic kale, strawberries, banana, ginger, lemon, water and some coconut oil. Great way to prep for my morning run, a newfound love that is easy to make happening now that we're off the boat and have a beautiful forest, nice little towns surrounding us and the coastline not too far away. If only these beautiful bright summer days would last a little longer, I think we could easily get used to living here.

*Update: SO many emails and comments are dropping in about this so just a quick note about my mentioned work above. As you nosy people always want an explanation on everything, here goes: what we're having our hands full with is mainly boat work, work on the house, work on our new website, work in the garden, some more boat work.... we have all sorts of work and projects that you can imagine around here, but mainly and foremost: BOAT work. Also trying to work-OUT as much as possible. My English isn't that good at all times as you know so I apologize for any confusions. I also have plenty of freelance job from back home in Europe that's taking my time and isn't it fantastic that you can work from anywhere you are in the world, with just a little laptop. No news with that, but still amazing.