Last days of summer

Besides visiting some friendly loud (still alive) thanksgiving turkeys at the farm that is near where we live, I also picked up some beautiful organic heirloom tomatoes today. Will chop up those as well as portobello mushrooms, add some nice oil, garlic, basil and chili and that'll be the warming stew of the night. I'm cooking hot comfort food as it was december already. Btw do you see how pale my skin is? It's ridiculous, all the tan that I worked hard for years to build up is gone and vanished with the chillier winds. Hello solarium!

Alex keeps talking about us moving to California or anywhere down South, the extreme cold weather and the closedness of the forest is an environment he's having harder than me adapting to, it doesn't exactly offer the sort of freedom that he is used to or could see himself staying in for too long. We'll hang in there a while longer though. We have a few months of "torture" to endure like he prefers to put it haha, poor thing. He's already wearing a winter jacket and wants to light up the wood stove as soon as sun begins to go down by early evenings. Even though we love this place for other reasons, it feels like we have a day to day engagement with New England, and I wouldn't be surprised if Alex one day wakes me up with bags all packed up and tickets to somewhere warm in hand. Any good tips on winter survival out there? For a man I mean, we all know they are a little more sensitive than us normal people women.