On the other side

One of my occupations of the moment is to sort out all images from our three years at sea. Four continents visited have obviously collected its data. A pretty tedious and lengthy job to sort all out but the good thing about it is that I find images that I didn't know I've taken, and others that reminds of good moments, people and places - photos which has never been featured in the blog or elsewhere.

This one's from St Vincent. I remember how powerful the waves were that day on the East coast, the Atlantic swell pushing its salty water on shore after having traveled all the way from Africa and beyond. I should have surfed more! Every day! - says Alex when I showed the photo to him. In hindsight, it seems we never got enough of each place even though at the time we might have been anxious to move forward elsewhere. It's interesting the way we get sent back to a place and situation through an image and almost want to re-live the whole scenario, just to be able to squeeze out the best drops of the experience. Maybe there was something we missed, a detail we didn't pay enough attention to as we were busy with something else (read: boat projects). It's just like you imagine yourself doing it all over again with so much more intensity the next time around. So very glad for all the images though, they will be able to tell so many stories in the future, and already today.

Speaking of surfing. One of our must-go-to's on our sailing around the world bucket list is Australia. Not only for world class surfing but for everything else good we've heard about the culture, the nature, the people, wildlife and of course to sail and explore the stunning azul blue waters by the barrier reef. Neither of us have ever been to Australia previously, but it's definitely a dream destination and one we wish to experience with our boat in the next couple years. As I needed a break from all the editing today, I've been googling my way through bays, locations and marinas in Australia that could be suitable for our arrival. A hypothetic arrival to a place on the complete opposite side of the world still, but nonetheless a dream destination to which we aspire reaching one day. d'Albora Marinas seem to be a good marina group that has several different locations between Sydney and Melbourne on the SE. I obviously have no experience whatsoever of sailing around the large continent of Australia, but it sure looks inviting. Hopefully we'll have the chance to get down there before the Great Barrier Reef gets totally destructed. How serious are they with those disturbing plans?

That, and this makes you wish you lived two generations ago rather than today.