Sailing on ice

The other night, we went over to our friends Jeff and Meg's for dinner and a few drinks. Jeff was kind enough to let us use his mooring the first two weeks after we had arrived to the South Shore of Boston, before we moved the boat over to our town a bit further down South. Always love hanging out with our American friends. Our different cultural and social experiences are the base for many a conversation, and the best thing with having good friends from places I or we weren't brought up in, is that there's always something new to learn. I think we can all agree on the fact that there's good and bad with any culture and country in the world (imagine if there were such a thing as a perfect state!?) - but people are just people wherever they're from, and when you connect with one, it rarely matters what country it's saying in their passport. 

I've spoken a lot about differences in culture and traditions both here on the blog and elsewhere as that is what often times is most interesting with traveling in my opinion. I know my sarcastic humor and love of irony doesn't always transmit through every computer screen the way it was initially meant to, but the point of my ramblings, observations and sometimes complains, is that I want to show a realistic side of the world as I see it. Some things in life aren't always as glorious and sugar coated as some people might want to pretend the world to be, but for sure there's always something beautiful to find in any society. 

If we get back to the main subject of this post, I wanted to share this crazy video of our friend Jeff. He's a former world champion in ice sailing, and sees no problem in jumping into a light carbon boat and fly above ice at 80-90 mph. Insane and impressive all at once. As Jeff knows how much Alex loves ice and cold, he's promised to take him out for a spin this winter. No one is looking forward to that experience more than me!