Life's great questions

Went for dinner with this fine lady last night at Gaslight in the trendy South End in downtown Boston. You might remember her from Cartagena? Coincidentally we happened to sail to the same state in which she lives with her family. We're not based on the same side of Boston, but nonetheless Massachusetts. 

Gaslight is a French inspired brasserie with a low-lit, comfortable ambiance and pretty good food and wine too. Jade is as you might remember the designer of We Dream In Colour that I have had the pleasure to dress myself in on a regular basis. Her design style speaks to me and the pieces has such good balance between earthy vintage-like and sophisticated glam. It's always inspiring with people who stay focused and inline with their choice of career for a lengthy time, says someone who tried my way through different sorts of own small businesses as well as an array of various industries, and I still haven't quite found that one thing to concentrate on for the rest of my life, except writing and photographing that is (can I just do that forever, please?). 

Jade on the other hand, has been designing for her own brand for more than ten years after finalizing four years at the prestigious art school Pratt Institute in New York, and her WDIC keeps growing by the day. The fantastic number of 700 stores carries her jewelry worldwide as we speak. As we discussed last night, that sort of direction and stableness is what one misses out on when choosing to be a full time traveler. A vagabond-kind of lifestyle doesn't offer the sort of stability that is required to ambitiously focus on one great pursue. Except traveling, exploring, boat hustlin', photographing, blogging and sharing the adventures with the world, all of which are rewarding in their own regards too, obviously. But if it's something both Alex and I miss sometimes, it is to settle down again, to have both our belongings as well as work flow in order. 

Especially Alex is missing his work and achievements in the music industry as a mastering engineer, a career in an industry which he has been devoted to for close to twenty years. I, on the other hand, semi-professional blogger and freelancing photographer that I've done my best to be during the last three years while out on this great sailing adventure, have more job-related questions to find answers to. Can't escape the fact that money must be made in this world in order to live a comfortable, free and pleasurable life.

As was the original plan with our journey, we must first figure out which place on earth that is the right one for us to settle, and that might still take some time to conclude. And isn't that also an ever changing subject in life? Maybe the United States is a good place to live for a longer time after all. One thing that sure is good here are the enormous opportunities that are nowhere else to be found, in any given industry.

Even though we do miss our beloved Mediterranean enormously (the original plan was like most of you might remember, to be back there much earlier), we do realize that the Southern parts of Europe aren't in very good economical shape. Not saying the US has it any much easier financially, but the opportunities and chances to higher income are obviously much greater here in the US still.

Oh well, when most things are in order, there are still always so many more questions to find answers to. Life is an endless road of decision making and organizing, wouldn't you agree?