wanna go sailing?

Despite our self-chosen break from cruising now over the winter, we're desperately longing to get back to the warmer waters that we've come to love so much. I know sailing, full-time or every now and then, is a dream of many of our readers too. To purchase a boat and get out there exploring new territories in beautiful new locations. To break free from mundanities and the rat race at home. Sailing is after all the ultimate way to gain that little piece of freedom that is so hard to reach in a modern urban world.

You might have a local yard or marina in the city or town where you live that announces boats for sale, if not, or for further assistance when looking to buy a sailboat, you could always have a look on Boat24's excellent website where boats from all over the world are listed in fourteen languages. We had our previous boat up there two years ago when she was on sale and we got many good responses through the site. If you are looking for to buy or sell a boat, Boat 24 is the first site I always recommend. Both for its user friendliness and the fact that it has so many visitors that makes the boat buying/selling business a smooth project.

Why don't you go and have a look for yourself www.boat24.com/en