about hair

Having spent 90% of my last three years under unforgiving tropical sun and in salty air and water, my hair became extremely fragile and thin at the end. It's only a couple months ago that I finally started to see a difference in quality, and my hair suddenly appears thicker, shinier and more voluminous that I can ever remember it to have been without the help of extensions.

The ends aren't still in the best shape and I probably should cut another four inches or so to get rid of the most damaged parts (I did cut off five cm the other day already), but overall I can feel just how more healthy the new hair that is growing out is, and how much more life it has as a whole. Being in milder climate probably helps some of the maintenance, but how the new hair looks and feels like is definitely the result of a better diet.

Having cut out (almost all) meat and dairy from my life has not only made my body more lean and athletic (thankfully getting some curves back now though with the various oils I'm supplementing with btw), but also my energy level and the quality of my hair has increased dramatically. That despite this super cold climate.

Do you see how pale my skin is though. Feeling transparent. Not so much left of that tan anymore…