another home away from home

This blog has given us so many good things. We've met with some amazing people through it, seen places we would've never been invited or exposed to otherwise, and we've got tips and advice from knowledgeable readers on a weekly basis ever since we started this journey and began sharing it with the world. Our blog is far from as big as many of the more popular ones out there, but it never ceases to amaze me that in almost every country, city, island or place that we have visited, there has almost always been someone that has followed our journey through this travel journal and decided to reach out to us in one way or the other. 

We are truthfully thankful and appreciative of the fact that so many of you have stepped forward and introduced yourselves in whatever way it might have been (even though we have not always been able to meet in person), and for the friendships we've had a chance to create through and with the help of this medium. 

A very friendly and hospitable Bostonian reader called Chris emailed us some time ago and after sporadically followed our blog for some years and now noticing that we were docked in his city, he emailed us to ask if we were willing to "test live" one of his newly renovated apartments in Cambridge for a few weeks during this winter. The apartment will be rented out on AirBnb from early spring, and given the phenomenal location in an area we anyway spend most of our days, how could we say no!?

Cambridge is probably our favorite area of Boston (though it really is an own city in itself), and it offers a down to earth, laid back ambiance which we have come to love. The location of the apartment is also very near the boat with the red line connecting to the green very swiftly so it feels like we have all what we need within walking distance. We've also got Whole foods, Trader Joe's, plenty of other great food markets, vintage stores, small eclectic international bars, humble indian restaurants and the studio laying just around the corner.

I will share some pics of both the lovely apartment as well as the neighborhood shortly. It's funny the way we adapt and get a sense of being "at home" so quickly these days.

Constitution Marina in the center of Boston is the most perfect and safe place to have our boat this season (and the only one allowing liveaboard's), but to be able to quickly escape to a heated central apartment every once in a while, will probably make the cold winter seem even shorter. Many thanks to Chris for making this possible!