exotic flavor

The closest I come to the tropics this winter. 

Starting each morning (and refilling any hour of the day) with a shock load of vitamins in form of organic mangoes, bananas, lemon, ginger, oranges, apples, pear, chia seeds and whatever else goodness I find around me. Whole Foods and I are like this close these days. 

Good food, work, yoga, sleep, food, work, yoga, sleep… pretty mechanic life lived as of late and for an additional few months, but the amazing thing with having a goal and putting all your energy and uttermost focus on it, is that you're able to immediately see result and progress which encourages you to work even harder. 

An even more beautiful thing I think, is that when you are two people working towards the same goal, you'll inevitably and constantly help push each other forward. Which in turn makes the whole process seem double as efficient and half as tedious. Both burdens and pleasures are best shared imo.