It's been crazy cold here in Boston lately, -20 C last night. The streets are beautiful of course and the crisp white blanket in contrast to the most bluish sky makes for a marvelous sight, but the winds are truly evil. Can't find any beauty in the physical sensation of the low temperatures piercing through my soul even if I tried.
We were invited to a very nice Chinese lunch the other day.
The fishy looking thing in the down left corner was delicious but were no fish at all, but fried cassava/yucca root. I think it was my first experience with it in that sort of execution.
Back in the lovely apartment in Cambridge for another week.
Such a cold sight. So glad we're already in the new year, which means it isn't too far until spring arrives.
Besides my regular fruit smoothies, I've reintroduced my childhood porridge into my morning routine. What can possibly be better for the body than organic oatmeal with organic almond milk, oranges, agave nectar and raisins? Well fruit smoothies perhaps. I cook my oats in water and a spoonful of organic coconut oil for extra taste and nutrition. Sometimes I add coconut shavings on top. And cinnamon and cardamom. Endless varieties.
First #selfie of the year hehe.. Wonder what age is a good age to stop posting stupid pics of oneself on Instagram. Never?

In the super market (found a new favorite btw, Harvest Co-Op by Central Square), I'm frustratingly wondering why there are no bread that is both organic, vegan AND gluten free in one and the same product? I currently don't have much time for baking my own bread so I'd like to buy the best and most nutritious that I can get my hands on, but it seems as they all meet either one or two of those criteria only, and never the three at once.

In regards to our infrequent communication these days, your and my, I miss blogging so much you have no idea. The list of things I'd wish to have time to write, discuss and share with you is endless. I think there is nothing in the world that I would rather do for a living, than to be able to freely write, photograph and share my refections with the world through a totally independent and, at least for me, meaningful forum like this.

For a living is tricky though, as I have no interest in selling out to labels, brands, websites or companies that I have no personal interest in or whom I do not support ethically so the income-aspect of this blog/writing thing is somewhat limited, and therefore also the amount of time I can invest in it.

We all wish we had more of it, right? Time.

Sometimes one has to prioritize things that aren't as enjoyable, just in order to (in the future) be able to do the things one love the most. It's not you, it's me, the situation… our time will come when time is right.