2/3 of the winter over and done with

Spring in the air this morning. Let's see for how long. It's been a pretty cold winter thus far, though we haven't seen too much snow, with the short exception of a couple weeks. It's been pretty dry all in all. We have survived without a shrink wrap until now, only using the awning as a shield from potential snow on the couch-roof. Don't think we'll install the shrink wrap at this point, saving $600 USD thank you very much!

Can't say it's been very warm and toasty inside the boat (more like 15-16 degrees Celsius on average), but it is what it is and we've dealt with it pretty well. It's been interesting. Takes your appreciation for warmth and comfort to a whole new level. Brings you closer to one another, quite literally.
These interlocking foam floor squares have been lifesavers. No cold air coming up through the hull any longer. It was a puzzle to cut and fit the pieces together in every odd corner of the boat. Wearing my comfortable boots from Chatham. As useful for summer hiking on volcano islands as they are for cold winter days in the city.
Plenty of nice warming teas been consumed these past few months. And tonnes of oatmeal, of course!