go vego

From Stockholm across the Atlantic ocean to Boston harbour. A fresh delicate issue of Sweden's most interesting new magazine. If you have to choose just one subscription this year, let it be something good as this one. Wish it was written in English so the whole world could take part of the goodness.

It is my wonderful, intelligent friend Sofia Dahlén that has created this magazine together with her writing/cooking partner Mattias Kristiansson. VEGO contains only vegan foods as the name reveals, and it's packed with delicious, colourful meals, desserts and drinks, inspiring interviews, informative and educative articles and absolutely stunning photography. It's pretty much a genius production in every sense of the word. 

I have many of my good, conscious, genuine, unselfish and very smart friends to thank for many things in my life. Just the fact that I finally last year decided to remove meat and dairy from my daily concoctions is one such important thing that i at last realized was the only right thing to do, and the woman behind this particular magazine was one of the ones who influenced me the most to take that positive step forward.

Look forward to trying some of these new recipes out here on the boat. Cauliflower pasta, carrot soup, broccoli patties, Indian lentil stew, red hot chili burgers with sweet potato wedges, coconut/toffee cupcakes…