soon time to go

video from when we sailed from Central America to Florida last summer 

Only a few weeks left till our first sail of the year… these five months have been the longest time I've ever been away from it. Since Alex and I met and he taught me how to sail some 4,5 years ago, that is. The climate in Spain where we lived before this trip is obviously milder and allows for playing on water all year around. And the years spent sailing traveling from the Mediterranean to West Coast of Africa and the Caribbean and South America was warm and gentle any day of the year too… it's only here in North America that we have had to put a halt to our usual, ever moving, ever salty sailing lifestyle. 

It's been a good winter in many aspects as we've got certain very important things done here on land. But it will be such a relief the day we can move out from this harbour and finally embrace that special exhilarating sense of freedom one can only ever feel by steering your own boat offshore…. We're still not quite ready to leave the US completely, but a slightly new environment and a new destination is still on the horizon…