You remember the bulkheads and floors that Alex built to reinforce the hull and when he literally made a whole new skeleton to the boat, in Cartagena Colombia last spring? All that naturally made the boat a whole lot stiffer and it had us sailing safely up from Panama to the United States exactly a year ago. If you've followed our trip, you know how much foundation work there has been made, and we're pretty stoked to announce that we are now getting those missing fine details in place, too! Like the mahogany trims that Alex has shaped and which are now being put into place as we speak. Will show you more when they've been varnished. 

We had a surveyor over the other week by the way and it feels great to also know that the boat is now inspected and all the added work has been approved by a NAMS/SAMS certified professional as well. Hard work pays off, patience is a virtue and all that..

Now just awaiting to finalize some urgent (non boat) projects, getting the final downpayment of the new sails done and then head out and explore the beautiful coast of Maine. Literally can't wait to get my quietness back (meaning less interaction with other human beings, more time and mental space for reflection and meditation) and start writing and photographing again. 

I've realized that my lack of inspiration to write and being creative is caused by the fact that I am almost daily surrounded by people that I don't personally know and whom I have limited interest in. Silence, peace and loneliness stimulates my mind the most and I hope to get more of that soon.

Some of you have asked whether we are going to stay in the US for a longer time or where we're heading next. And although we are not 100% sure of the exact details as yet, this side of the coast will most probably be the home base of the boat for at least the rest of the year, probably until spring time. That doesn't necessarily mean that we will be here at all times, but our floating home base will still be here. With the occasional sail up the coast of NE, Maine and maybe Canada. And most probably a few flights away to other destinations and back as well. 

We can get a lot of things done on the boat here in New England where she was originally made and we will continue equipping her and making her even more beautiful for a little while longer. She's not ready to return to the leisure cruising of the tropical islands quite yet, and neither are we.