Sweet concoctions

So very anxious to get the new kitchen ready downtown so I can start working on the menu again. Cooking on the boat works fine but the Force 10 gimballed three burner stove and oven are not as reliable with heat distribution so it's pretty hard to get exact results. 

This is a brownie I made while still in "my" kitchen corner up in MA. There has been a long way to create a fudgy, sweet, moist, rich and well composed brownie that is free from dairy and eggs, but this particular one is a keeper in my recipe book. It is also free from processed sugars, which I do my best to avoid.

My vision and intention for the new place we're opening, is to create a varied menu that doesn't necessarily feel vegan at all. At least not the sort most people associate boring vegan meals with. It should be organic food, sweets and drinks that anyone and everyone can enjoy without missing animal products during their experience. It's been a battle many times during the test and experimentation process but I'm glad I've had people around me who love meat and can't imagine life without dairy, as their input is honest and straightforward. Nothing as rewarding as seeing a self proclaimed vegetable hater light up at the taste of your plant based concoctions. 

Not going to fight too much to convert skeptics, but I am determined to show that you do not actually need all what we have been indoctrinated since birth to feel a need for. And hopefully inspire some to choose healthier and replace old school food with more conscious options at least every once in a while.

P.S: Feel free to like my Facebook page for the new cafĂ© to get all our updates! It still bears the name of the business I started in MA, and this will be changed as soon as I've found the right name. Any suggestions?