New favorite

Bought home a new wine the other day. A rustic Argentinean one which I've only heard rumors about earlier and for once rumors were true. This is an excellent, robust and deep red wine, coming from the purple Malbec grape, produced in Uta Valley in Mendoza, Argentina, as far as half a mile (ca 1100 meter) above the sea level. This Finca El Portillo from 2008 had a glorious flavor and a very round aftertaste. If you prefer deep and flavorful red wines like I do, you gotta try this one out when you get the chance. We had it with a spicy lasagna last night and it was the perfect combination, also I can imagine it to be absolutely beautiful with red meat and cheeses. Would so which to have some really good cheeses around but it is almost impossible to get a hold on good (French and Swiss) ones here in Antigua, especially now when we're more on the East side far from the International supermarket of Jolly Harbor, which seem to stock almost everything (even Felix Lingonsylt), and also a few good brie and chèvre's at least. Hoping to have the time to drop by St Marteen or St Barths before we head down to Grenada in next week to stock up on some goodies. Otherwise we might squeeze in an additional cheese stop in Martinique on our way down South. /T