Planning in the rain

Like I earlier mentioned, there has been many days of heavy rain on this island lately. For the past fourteen days it has basically looked something like this. Rain, thunder, lightning and more rain. Sun has occasionally showed up one hour here one other there but there has been no possibilities to plan for any excursions or anything outside the boat for these past two weeks. The rainy period has definitely arrived and the hurricane season will soon be knocking on the door here in the Northern Caribbean islands, as well. Boring in a way that we haven't had the chance to get out exploring more on this beautiful island, but on another hand it has been good for us as we have gotten a lot of other things done. Some boat projects have been done, I have been working on my little projects and Alex have been working with his things. 

When we arrived to the Caribbean we decided that in case we wanted to continue sailing and leading this lifestyle we've chosen also after those two years we had saved money for, we would need to work every once in a while to not have to burn all of our savings. I have my things going on which I get a relatively good income from and I'm looking forward to increase this with time, and Alex have been lucky enough to literally get well paid jobs thrown over him since the very beginning of when we arrived to the Caribbean. A couple of boat deliveries, a few day skipper jobs and also some weeks of composite repairs and joinery on several larger yachts here in Antigua.

There were two ways we could have done this journey, either we could've seen this "world tour" as a longer vacation like many people do and then they return home to pick up with work again when the money is about to run out, that's what we could have done, we could have had the time of our lives for a limited time with no work during the same period but also we would probably get greeted by a great chock that day when we had to get back to the normal civilization - or, second option, we could see this as not an utter vacation, but actually our new life. In order to be able to continue with this life or lifestyle for as long as we wish to we would need to see that it was a sustainable life, which means that we would need to see some incomes coming in every once in a while so that we could continue doing what we love which is to sail around the world in our own tempo, enjoy life on our new found way of living without too many obligations, on our own conditions and basically that is what we've chosen to do.

We have now managed to lay it out in the way that if we continue to love this kind of lifestyle, then we would be able to keep on for as long as we want to and that is incredibly relieving and securing to know. We spend time on working with things that we somewhat enjoy for in average one week per month and then we're enjoying vacation in beautiful islands the rest of the time. This is a way of living which suits us the most and like that we would also be able to return with some cash saved that day when we decide to get back on land. We have many and wide dreams for the future and this way we've chosen to live now have given us a chance to both enjoy life to the max and also save and invest a bit for those future plans, during the very same time.

As for the question what's next? Alex has another work project going on here for a couple of days and thereafter we'll be leaving down South to Grenada to put the boat safe there for the hurricane season. We will be making several stops before we arrive, such as St Marteen perhaps, St Lucia for sure, the Grenadines, St Vincent and Mustique which we look very much forward to and also the Tobago Cays. In case there are any early hurricane alerts on the radio, we will rush down to a safe harbor in a day or two. Hurricanes does usually blow much above the area of Grenada and it is said to be safe down there. Alerts of an arriving hurricane from the Atlantic ocean normally comes in with 2-3 days notice and that should be enough for us to get our things together and quickly sail down to safety. In the meanwhile we will be enjoying our path along the coasts of the islands we've missed down there so far.

If just this constant rain could stop that would make everything a tad bit more interesting. Anyone knows if it is raining much down in Grenada during June-November? /T