It's a Depeche Mode Sunday here in our life today. One of the best albums ever made in the entire history of music is going on repeat here at the moment. DM has been pretty important to both Alex and me for many many years in both of our previous lives. When Alex first introduced me to his amazing underground music studio that he had in Barrio Gothico in Barcelona during that first winter that we met back in 2009 and the first track he put on on his powerful B&W 802 Nautilus speakers was one of my all time favorites, The Love Thieves, I almost cried because of the perfection I saw in this man.

That was five days after we first got introduced to each other and a couple of weeks thereafter, Depeche Mode was about to give a concert in Palau St Jordi so I made sure to book some good tickets for us for that show. I surprised Alex with a night for us in one amazing suite with marvelous sea view at of the best five star hotels of Barcelona and we spent a great time at the concert followed by a perfect ending to the night in that very suite. I remember the day after to be a Sunday and in the morning, from our huge bed with panorama view over the ocean, we could observe an ongoing regatta going on down below at sea level, 18 floors down, and that was the day that we began talking about freedom and that we maybe one day should sail around the world together..

One additional amazing part of the story is that when we had enjoyed our breakfast in bed and we were about to check out, we met no one else but Dave Gahan in the lobby and we got the chance to get a quick chat with him before he ran off upstairs. So for this whole reason, and for other natural reasons like that DM have created some of the most immortal musical productions ever, is this group very important to us and will always remain.

Here are some of our photos from that concert.

And here's the view from that bed.