How to deal with longing

Having spent two months in the marina, I am immensely looking forward to get out sailing again, though there always seem to add up so many tasks on the last few days before leaving port. Add at least a week to your set departure date and you are probably short already. Earlier, before I had gotten used to this lifestyle, I used to get stressed and anxious to throw away the bowlines or weigh anchor and I would add my share of pressure to the already busy and tensed situation that a much longed for departure is when having been tied to the dock or dug to the ground for a longer period. 

These days I'm thankfully acting more calmly when we realize that we have to wait it out a few more days or weeks. The extra job that is getting done is anyway always for a good cause and there really is no need to stress through life. It is fascinating being able to follow ones own progress to the better. And very fascinating too how those new changes adapts in other areas in life. I'm comfortable and very pleased with the calmer, more harmonic and better balanced version of myself that has grown out of this journey. But still, dying to get out there.. it is a necessity and a very addictive drug for your soul, being able to travel freely on water.