Get up, stand up

While I've still been functioning in slow mode, Alex has, of course, reunited with his boat-projects. Here's that water maker finally mounted and installed in place again (it was previously installed on the old boat). Alex's everlasting determination and energy is quite admirable. Of course it comes with a (sometimes a little more than necessary) portion of swearing, grumbling and complaining from his side but at least he gets his shit done.

I on the other hand have spent my last few days in bed, mostly reading and watching youtube clips, while trying to convince Alex that I must be depressed or something to be in this sort of low state for so many (ok, only 4) days in a row. But when not even him believes it and dismisses my pathetic whining as laziness, I feel it's better to stop playing and get up and get on with it again. We have the power to choose our life as well as our mental well being (in most cases), so why not settle for a mindset less dramatic and more enjoyable for all. 

We have very much to look forward to this weekend so I better get started on shaping myself up again. Maybe a long swim in the pool of the marina would do for a healthy beginning.