Vitamins and other supplements

Like many of you and others have pointed out, it's more important than ever now with my new diet change to make sure to get all the right vitamins and minerals. Specifically Iron, B12 and Vitamin D. Vitamin D i get more than necessary of from the sun I guess but the rest will need to be sought up from a jar or bottle.

I've eaten these Multivitamins from Nature Made now for some time and the label shows I should be on the right track with my supplement intake. But being GMO paranoid like the rest of the world at the moment (the timing of the current drama is a bit funny as the discussion apparently has been openly on the wall since 2006, at least in the US from where it originates), I recently googled around to see if natural and health foods, this brand in particular, uses genetically modified organisms. Among many interesting articles, I found this letter to a consumer where Nature Made themselves, points out that their soybean oil, cornstarch, Vitamin C and Omega 3 are non-organic and genetically "improved". Which is quite contradictory to their commercial name and trademark "Nature Made". Seems I need to replace the brand. 

So if we overlook the brand in the image above, are the ingredients on this label enough as a daily intake or is there anything else I need to think of besides my daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, bread and nuts? Thankful for all tips and advices in regards to a healthier diet, feels good to know that so many of you are aware and are taking care of yourselves. 

Milk substitutes, hemp seeds, cashews, almonds and new vitamin supplements on the shopping list.