Dining table worked on

Good thing with being in a marina like this, is that there's a workshop available for Alex to finalize some of his projects. Can you believe that we have had this boat for 1, 5 years, and not before now has he had time to produce a saloon table? So you can only imagine what state the boat has been in and what other more critical things there has been on the to do list, for us to eat from our laps for such a long time. Time to finally take care of these more cosmetic and comfort details too. 

This recently done table consists of three cedar planks and a trim blind splined together. He's just spent a few hours sanding the surface and carving edges and corners. Going to adjust fittings now and then some varnishing to do before he'll be mounting it where it's supposed to be fixed above the engine cover in the saloon. Later on, probably someplace else when time allows, he'll add folding extensions to each side. One step at a time but it's looking good so far.