A simple organic vegan meal

Maybe you'd like to see what cooking I've been up to lately. Vegan cooking is a fairly new territory for me as you know, so it's been an interesting transition and challenge to see what dishes I can come up with that can somewhat compare with the good ole flavor of meat and poultry. I've started pretty easy, no advance concoctions so far, but I have slowly learnt to know a few, for me at least, new products that I would have never thought of using before I stopped buying and eating meat. 
Soybean is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and has been widely used by vegans and vegetarians in many different ways for decades. Problem with the soybean is that much of it around the world (in particular the soybean from the US) is genetically modified so one got to be careful about which product and brand that is used. This particular brand (BioLand) has their production in Costa Rica and I haven't found anything that says it neither is or isn't GMO, but they claim to be organic so I went for it this time till I find out more.

If you haven't cooked with textured soy protein before, I can tell you it's a pretty close comparison in texture and even taste, to meat, and can be used in an array of ways, its features are much similar to minced meat. I've started with panfrying onion in olive oil and tossed in the soy protein after a while. I am obsessed with the Grenadian nutmeg so along sea-salt and black pepper, I added a generous portion of that. Nutmeg is great as it has a lovely nutty and almost meaty flavor and suits these vegan dishes well in my opinion. I added water and let is simmer for some time, maybe ten minutes.
The other day I had mixed up some olive and truffle oil, fresh garlic and basil. This oil mixture went also down into the pan, alongside freshly cut local Panamanian spinach. I could have thrown in some lentils too but we've over-consumed them lately so I cut it out this time. Served the meal with (non-gmo) basmati rice.

Have you all seen this amazing but scary documentary by Robert Kenner by the way? 

If not I'd suggest you to take a look when you have time to get to know a bit more about the food and products that surrounds us in the society. It isn't any news that most of the food, candy and drink products you find on the shelves in the super markets, and all what is found in fast food chains are full of destructive ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and genetically modified organisms which has proven to be the cause of various sorts of cancer, diabetes and obesity  - but thankfully it is easier today than ever to actually take control over what we put into our bodies. Maybe this video will help you realize a little something.