Saturday night live

After we finished a long hard day of work (with we I mean Alex, I have mainly concocted some veggie soups, surfed the net for recipes, music and general good-to-know stuff, and been laying around on the couch reading a bit), we headed over to the pool. What a luxury to have one right at the end of the dock for a refreshing end to a sweaty day. But as the steaming hot sun dips behind the horizon, the next annoyance appears as they worked in shifts. Mosquitos and other flying devils. We might live a healthier life these days but I'm not sure about how good this over consumption of bug spray is for you. At least we've quit the terrible smoky coils. 

Second good thing for a happy ending to this day:
I want to thank the universe that red wine is not an animal product, even though this particular one happen to refer to the blood of a bull. This bottle brings back memories, I used to live on the street where Torres flagship bar and restaurant was located in Barcelona. Many afternoons were spent sipping their delicious wines, indulging in perfect tapas and watching time fly by on the blooming avenue outside. 

What about » this sweet old tune « for a beginning to a Saturday night chill out session.