Change of environment

Last year, in the midst of tiring boat projects, Alex and I discussed how wonderful it would have been to rent a house, someplace close to the water, but far from the exhausting heat of the tropics. A house to where we could bring the boat up on the lawn so that Alex could finalize his work in peace and without having to sweat to death each day. It would be a place to rest and have a proper shower, proper bed, proper kitchen, AC - normal things, which one inevitably long for when living and traveling on a boat for a lengthier time . 

We imagined this house to have plenty of room and light and be surrounded by quiet nature, and, of course, have a high speed internet connection so that I could finalize my many texts and projects that I had started. For a long while we were contemplating on finding such a house in the Caribbean, but there we would still have the heat problem, the moist, the lack of many things and many smaller complications that it can mean to live in an area of the world where the culture is so different to your own. And truth be told, after having spent two long years there already, we were extremely tired of the Caribbean anyway. So when our friend Michael invited us to stay in his house in the South of Boston (in my confusion I think I earlier said that we were going to move to Maine), it didn't took much contemplation to realize what a great opportunity that was for us. Alex and I have practically lived onboard a boat since the second month that we met 3,5 years ago, and given that most of that time has been spent in the scorching hot West Indies, I cannot simply express our appreciation and excitement for only the fact that we are going to be living on land for some time.

We had hoped to have Duende up here already by now but since we're delayed and we don't feel like stressing up the whole beautiful East Coast, we decided to leave the boat in Charleston, fly up to the house to settle in for some days before Alex's family arrives here and whom are going to spend the next three weeks with us. We will then be flying back to Charleston all of us some time shortly, and slowly sail the boat up to her new home.

We've had some time to explore our new neighborhoods today and it's almost surreal how beautiful it is here. It is so much alike the coast of Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia: the wooden houses, the rocky shore, the chilliness of the sea, and there's even plenty of Volvo's on the roads - it almost feels like being home to me. 

We don't have any elaborated long term plans for now besides establishing a quiet home base here for the next few months (maybe we'll stay only until the day that Alex starts to complain about the cold weather that is arriving in some months, or we might end up staying much longer than that, who knows). While the weather is still as good as it is, we'll definitely spend some time sailing these beautiful waters, and then we'll start fixing with the boat which will be moved up on the lawn of the house a bit later in the summer. We'll also make sure to get all those things done that has been piling up for some years now, and there are many work related projects that we will finally have the time and peace to look into for real.

It will be very different for us in one perspective, but it's still the same sort of quiet, peaceful and clutter/stress free life and lifestyle that we will be trying to recreate here as well.